Scalar field radiation emitted by an accelerated scalar point source: A classical field theory approach

D. P. Meira Filho, G. dos Santos de Sausa, L. Helena Silva de Souza, R. de Silva Sales, J. Kysnney Santos Kamassury, and J. Ferreira Lopes


In this paper we will use classical field theory to address the interaction of an accelerated point source with a non-massive Klein-Gordon-Fock (KGF) field in Minkowski spacetime. For this, initially, we obtain the KGF equation for the non-massive scalar field via lagrangian formalism and the scalar potential through Green's function formalism. Finally, we reach the expression of the power radiated by a point scalar source under the influence of this field and its covariant generalization.


Classical field theory; non-massive classical scalar field; calculation of emitted power; Green's function formalism; scalar radiation

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