Massless Majorna bispinors and two-qubit entangled states

R. Romero


This is a pedagogical paper, where bispinors solutions to the four-dimensional massless Dirac equation are considered in relativistic quantum mechanics and in quantum computation, taking advantage of the common mathematical description of four-dimensional spaces. First, Weyl and massless Majorana bispinors are shown to be unitary equivalent, closing a gap in the literature regarding their equivalence. A discrepancy in the number of linearly independent solutions reported in the literature is also addressed. Then, it is shown that Weyl bispinors are algebraically equivalent to two-qubit direct product states, and that the massless Majorana bispinors are algebraically equivalent to maximally entangled sates (Bell states), with the transformations relating the two bispinors types acting as entangling gates in quantum computation. Different types of entangling gates are presented, highlighting a set that fulfills the required properties for Majorana zero mode operators in topological quantum computation. Based on this set, a general topological quantum computation model with four Majorana operators is presented, which exhibits all the required technical and physical properties to obtain entanglement of two logical qubits from tpological operations.


massless bispinors; entanglement; Majorana zero modes

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