Inflationary cosmology: from theory to observations

J. Alberto Vazquez Gonzalez, Luis E. Padilla, Tonatiuh Matos


The main aim of this paper is to provide a qualitative introduction to the cosmological inflation theory and its relationship with current cosmological observations. The inflationary model solves many of the fundamental problems
that challenge the Standard Big Bang cosmology such as the Flatness, Horizon and the magnetic Monopole problems. Additionally it provides an explanation for the initial conditions observed throughout the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe, such as galaxies. In this review we describe general solutions to the problems in the Big Bang cosmology carry out by a single scalar eld. Then, with the use of current surveys, we show the constraints imposed on the inflationary parameters (ns; r) which allow us to make the connection between theoretical and observational cosmology. In this way, with the latest results, it is possible to select or at least to constrain the right inflationary model, parameterized by a single scalar eld potential V (\phi).


Inflation, cosmological parameters, cosmology:Observations

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