Dosimetric and thermoluminescent characteristics of sintered samples based on Li$_{2}$OAl$_{2}$O$_{3}$nSiO$_{2}$ systems

R. Cogollo Pitalúa, J. Salcedo Quintero, O. Gutiérrez Flórez


This work describes the thermoluminescent (TL) characteristics of lithium aluminosilicates, Li$_{2}$OAl$_{2}$O$_{3}$nSiO$_{2}$, for its possible use as TL dosimeter for low doses. The sinterized tablets of Li$_{2}$OAl$_{2}$O$_{3}$nSiO$_{2 }$were characterized by means of X ray diffraction (XRD), and irradiated at different doses using a Theratron 780C-$^{60}$Co unit in air at room temperature. The Rasheedy's technique was used for the kinetic trap parameters determination. The XRD results show a mixture of two phases of 64% $\beta $-spodumene and 36% $\beta $-eucryptite in the sinterized tablets. TL analysis indicates that in these systems, recombination processes prevail, and that these systems can be used successfully as TL dosimeters for therapeutic dose ranges.


Lithium aluminosilicates; dosimetry; thermoluminescence

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