Oportunidades de Colaboración Científica con Centro América y el Caribe: Propuesta de una Red Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo en Energía

A. Morales Acevedo


This is a brief article that was presented as a contribution for discussion at the 1st México-CentroAmérica y el Caribe Workshop on ENERGY TRANSITION AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES, organized by the Mexican Physical Society, in november 2011. A proposal is made for establishing a research and innovation network for renewable energy in the region. For this purpose, the advantages of having such a network are given first. Then, the need for building new capacities in the region is discussed, so that a new inter-regional educational program could be developed, coordinated by this network. An analysis of the countries in the region where there are consolidated research groups for solar energy is also made. This group of countries can constitute the main network nodes. Finally, and only as an example, a list of diverse relevant solar energy research themes for which the different countries within the regional network can collaborate, is given.


Alternative energies, research networks

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