Transición energética, energías renovables y energía solar de potencia

C. A. Estrada Gasca


This paper comments on the global energy problem, the finiteness of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. The global energy structure is unsustainable and requires a paradigm shift based on energy efficiency and the use of alternative and renewable energy (RE). The global energy demand is continuously increasing at an annual growth rate of 2.47%. In a scenario at 2030 from the IEA to transform the global energy system (made from compliance with new energy policies that consider low carbon economy for the protection of the environment) all primary sources contribute has meet energy demand. Actually, the primary sources of energy that have the fastest growing are Gas and RE. In particular, the rate at which the RE are growing and penetrating the global energy markets has a strong similarity with the appearance of nuclear energy in the years 1970's and 1980's. Mexico has abundant renewable resources and has made relevant effort to advance the use of technologies that take advantage of RE sources. The country's solar potential is really great and the use of solar technologies that take advantage of this resource is very limited. To ensure sustainable development in the country, it is required the Mexican government undertake, with a long-term vision, in the use and development of the RE and in the energy efficiency in Mexico. It should generate policies, legal frameworks, economic incentives and financing funds to support scientific and technological research and allow massive development of RE and the efficient use of energy in the country.


Energy transition; renewable energy; solar energy; solar concentration systems

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