Plane waves reversibility

G. Baldwin


This work simulates reversibility of plane waves in different ways. We start making theoretical classical reversing of a plane wave in two different ways exchanging t by –t as first step. In one case, we additionally flip the temporal orientation of the magnetic field. In the other case, we flip the electric field. Therefore, we can compare two classical approaches to time reversed electromagnetism on plane waves.


On the other hand, we obtain two different mechanically reversed plane electromagnetic waves out of the frame of the electromagnetics reversibility theory. A theoretical experiment makes these effects, where, an infinite plane current generates two plane waves in opposite directions. After this, the waves are made to return by two different ways: (1) by retro reflecting and (2) by moving back the wave. Finally, the returning plane waves insides over a conductor plane in order to induce plane currents in the conductor.


The goal is to complete reversibility cycles including the charges movement. The returning waves and the induced currents will be compared themselves in all the cases. Charges movements are also included in the discussion in order to have an additional felling of the waves reversibility and physical insight of time-reversed waves.  It is used a plane waves theoretical experiment created by Feynman as a starting point [1]


Electromagnetic reversibility; plane waves;

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