Luminescent characteristics of Eu2+/Li+ doped (La-Al)2O3 phosphors and PMMA films activated with them

Roberto Vázquez Arreguín


The effect of Li co-doping on the blue luminescence of Eu2+ doped (La-Al)2O3 phosphors and its incorporation into poly (methyl methacrylate) PMMA films are reported. The phosphors were synthesized by a simple two-step process in which the (La-Al)2O3 powders were obtained by an evaporation method, and the subsequent co-doping with Li+ and Eu2 were made through a solid state reaction in a reductive atmosphere at 1250 0C. The incorporation of those phosphors into PMMA matrix and the synthesis of films with thicknesses between 6 and 12 μm was made by drop-casting. The characteristic blue broad band emission centered at 440 nm associated with the 4f65d1→ 4F7 transition of Eu2+ ions (CIE coordinates 0.6731, 0.3343) was observed when these powders were excited with 297nm light. These luminescence intensity was enhanced when Li was incorporated as co-dopant up to 320% with respect to those phosphors without Li. The luminescent characteristics of these phosphors were preserved when they were embedded into the PMMA films.


Eu2+ blue emission; lithium effect; PMMA composite films.

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