Grain growth in polycrystalline Ba$\mathbf{_{0,5}}$Sr$\mathbf{_{0,5}}$TiO$\mathbf{_{3}}$ ceramics prepared at different sintering times

S. García, J. Portelles, F. Martínez, R. Font, J.R. Quiñones, J.M. Siqueiros


A grain size study based on the measurements of the maximum permittivity and the microstructure of samples of Sr$_{0,5}$Ba$_{0,5}$TiO$_{3}$ sintered at different time lengths at a fixed temperature is reported. A linear law of grain growth is found from the experimental results and properly described by the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami theory. The model predicts a zero nucleation rate.


Grain size; sintering time; BST; dielectric permittivity

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