Calibration of diffusion barrier charcoal detectors and application to radon sampling in dwellings

M.E. Montero Cabrera, L. Colmenero Sujo, L. Villalba, J. Sáenz Peinado, A. Cano Jiménez, A. Moreno Baca, S. de la Cruz G, ara. , M. Rentería Villalobos, A. López Mir, a. , E.F. Herrera Peraza


Some calibration conditions of diffusion barrier charcoal canister (DBCC) detectors for measuring radon concentration in air were studied. A series of functional expressions and graphs were developed to describe relationship between radon concentration in air and the activity adsorbed in DBCC, when placed in small chambers. A semi-empirical expression for the DBCC calibration was obtained, based on the detector integration time and the adsorption coefficient of radon on activated charcoal. Both, the integration time for 10 % of DBCC of the same batch, and the adsorption coefficient of radon for the activated charcoal used in these detectors, were experimentally determined. Using these values as the calibration parameters, a semi-empirical calibration function was used for the interpretation of the radon activities in the detectors used for sampling more than 200 dwellings in the major cities of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.


Radon; activated charcoal detectors; diffusion barrier; calibration

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