Optical sensing technique for Young's modulus measurements in piezoelectric materials

S.J. Pérez Ruíz, J.A. Montero Díaz, S. Alcántara Iniesta, P.R. Hernández, R. Castañeda G.


In the design of microsensors using microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, it is necessary to know the elastic properties of the materials employed in their fabrication. Reliable mechanical properties of the materials are critical to the safety and correct functioning of these microdevices. Mechanical testing of microstructures that are only a few microns thick requires novel techniques and specialized procedures for preparation and handling. In this paper a simplified optic sensing is used to measure the Young's modulus in piezoelectric cantilever. This optical technique was chosen because it is the most appropriate when working with small devices, besides being easily implemented and low cost.


Young's Modulus; piezoelectric cantilever

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