A methodology to measure the volume of spheroid and oblong solid bodies based on artificial vision technique

T. Cordova-Fraga, J. Bernal-Alvarado, J.C. Martinez, M. Sosa, M. Vargas. , E. Hern, ez. , R. Huerta


A methodology for assessing the volume of spheroid and oblong solid bodies
is presented. Samples were mounted on a revolving platform that was driven
by a computer-controlled stepping motor. Four hundred views (photographs) of each
sample were acquired as they were uniformly rotated in the azimuth
direction. The image processing was based on the artificial vision technique
called segmentation. Using the information of the instantaneous radius and the small
angle of rotation in each step, the numerical integration of the volume was
performed. Images were captured using a CCD camera and the entire system was
controlled by a routine developed in LabVIEW$^{\mbox{\texttrademark }}$ 6.1.
Two sets of geometrical bodies (polystyrene cylinders and spheres) and three
kinds of biological samples were measured. For the sake of comparison, each
body was also measured by means of both a micrometric caliper and the
displaced volume of water inside a vessel. The ANOVA correlation parameters
between the proposed methodology and the hydrostatic procedure were found to
be: r = 0.9924 and p = 0.0001, with $\alpha $ = 0.05. The coincidence
between the results obtained with artificial vision and the hydrostatic
technique was greater than 98% for spheres and cylinders. On the other
hand, it was only up to 95% for the samples with non-regular shaped
bodies (chicken hearts, kidneys and carrots). The purpose of the paper is to
discuss in detail a simple technique which could be of interest to students
of science and engineering.


Artificial vision; volume assessment; image processing

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