Spherical MoS$_{2}$ micro particles and their surface dispersion due to addition of cobalt promoters

M.A. Ramos, V. Correa, B. Torres, S. Flores, J.R. Farias Mancilla, R.R. Chianelli


We present here a hydrothermal synthesis on spherical shape molybdenum di-sulfide (MoS$_{2})$ micro-particles using thiomolybdate salts and sodium silicate as reducing agent. To understand the role of cobalt promoters on this particular MoS$_{2}$ spherical shape a second reaction was carried out using same precursors plus addition of Co following same pressure and temperature conditions. Both products (before and after Co promoter) were characterized using scanning electron and transmission electron microscopic analysis. From SEM measurements a spherical average size diameter of $\sim $ 2.855 $\mu $m on pure MoS$_{2}$ is observed and disperse surface once cobalt is incorporated into the reaction. From TEM observations an interlayer average distance of $\sim $ 0.63 nm is obtained for MoS$_{2}$-MoS$_{2}$ slabs on samples with Co content. X-ray diffraction indicated principal crystallographic planes to be (002), (100), (101), (102), (103), (006), (105), and (110) for both MoS$_{2}$ and MoS$_{2}$/Co samples.


Molybdenum sulfide; cobalt; X-ray; TEM

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