Sistema automatizado para la medición de la conductividad térmica de líquidos mediante el método del alambre caliente

S. Alvarado, E. Marín, A.G. Juárez, A. Calderón, R. Ivanov


We present the implementation of an automated system based on the hot-wire technique for measurement of the thermal conductivity of liquids using high precision equipment (current source and voltage meter) that allow to work without an array of resistances known as a Wheatstone bridge, commonly used in such equipments. We also use a criterion to verify that we are working on the correct linear region of the curve $\Delta T$ versus ln$ (t)$, which is used for experimental data processing. Finally we validate the functionality of the hot-wire experimental array by measuring the thermal conductivity in samples of liquids with well-known thermal properties.


Thermal conductivity; hotwire technique; nanofluids

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