Hyperfine interaction of V$_{\text{k}}$ centres in Cs$_{_{2}}$NaYCl$_{6}$ crystals

J. Barreto, J.L. Boldú, H. del Castillo, E. Muñoz


In this work we present the results obtained through electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy of the study of the hyperfine interaction of the V$_{k}$ centres in the Cesium, sodium, yttrium hexachloride (Cs$_{2}$NaYCl$_{6}$) crystals. These electron defect centres are created by $\gamma$-irradiation at liquid nitrogen temperature of the Cs$_{2}$NaYCl$_{6}$ crystals. Our results are: $g_{\|}$=2.008, $g_{\bot}$=2.023, A$_{\|}$=91.21 (gauss) and A$_{\bot}$=3.10 (gauss) and these results are compared with those obtained by Th. Pawlik and J.M. Spaeth [24] for the same system and those of D. Shoemaker [23] for sodium chloride.


Elpasolites; crystal growth; colour centres; EPR

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