SnO$_{2}$:F thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering: effect of the SnF$_{2}$ amount in the target on the physical properties

F. de Moure-Flores, A. Guillén-Cervantes, K.E. Nieto-Zepeda, J.G. Quiñones-Galván, A. Hernández-Hernández, M. de la L, M. Meléndez-Lira


SnO$_{2}$:F thin films were prepared by RF magnetron sputtering onto glass substrates using SnF$_{2}$ as fluorine source. The films were deposited under a mixed argon/hydrogen atmosphere at a substrate temperature of 500$^{\circ}$C. The X-ray diffraction shows that polycrystalline films were grown with a phases mixture of SnO$_{2}$ and SnO. The optical transmittance is between 80 and 90%. The physical properties of the films suggest that SnO$_{2}$ thin films grown with small SnF$_{2}$ content in the target can be considered as candidates for transparent electrodes.


F-doped tin oxide; transparent conducting oxide; RF magnetron sputtering; transparent electrodes

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