The Higgs profile in the standard model and beyond

L. Díaz Cruz


We present a review of Higgs physics in the SM and beyond, including the tests of the Higgs boson properties that have been performed at LHC and have permitted to delineate its profile. After presenting the essential features of the BEH mechanism, and its implementation in the SM, we
discuss how the Higgs mass limits developed over the years. These constraints in turn helped to classify the Higgs phenomenology (decays and production mechanisms), which provided the right direction to search for the Higgs particle, an enterprise that culminated with its discovery at
LHC. So far, the constraints on the couplings of the Higgs particle, point towards a SM interpretation. However, the SM has open ends that suggest the need to look for extensions of the model. We discuss in general the connection of the Higgs sector with some new physics (e.g. supersymmetry, flavor and Dark matter), with special focus on a more flavored Higgs sector. Thus is realized in the most general 2HDM, and its textured version, which we study in general, and for its various limits, which contain distinctive flavor-violating signals that could be searched at current and future colliders.



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