A SU(5)xZ2 kink solution and its local stability

Rommel Guerrero, Rafael Omar Rodriguez, Rafael Alejandro Chavez


A non-abelian kink inducing asymptotically the breaking pattern $SU(5)\times Z_2\rightarrow SU(4)\times U(1)/Z_4$ is obtained. We consider a fourth order Higgs potential in a $1+1$ theory where the scalar field is in the adjoint representation of $SU(5)$.
The perturbative stability of the kink also is evaluated. A Schr\"odinger-like equation for the excitations along each $SU(5)$ generator is determined and in none of the cases negative eigenvalues compromising the stability of solution are found. In particular, several bounded scalar states are determined among them the translational zero mode of the flat space $SU(5)\times Z_2$ kink.


$SU(5)$ kink, local stability

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31349/RevMexFis.65.69


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