Optical and tribo-mechanical characterization in metal-ceramic multilayers coatings

A. González-Hernandez, A. B. Morales, J. C. Caicedo, N. C. Alba, R. Barragán Ramírez, M. Flores


Laboratory scale studies of tribological properties of nitride coatings are useful in predicting their protective wear behavior in cutting tools for industrial scale applications. Main aim of this research is to determinate optical and tribo-mechanical properties in multilayer coatings of metal-ceramic assigned as coatings A and B. These coatings were deposited by DC magnetron sputtering on carbon steel AISI 1060 using buffer adhesion layers of W, Ti/W/WN and TiN/TiN respectively. For to determinate molecules interactions of materials were analysed by means of Raman and FTR spectroscopies. The nanohardness, tribological and adhesion behaviour were studied by nanoindentation, pin on disk and a tribometer. The hardness and behaviour tribological, were obtained by Nano-indentation, pin on disk, and scratch test using a tribometer. FTIR and Raman analysis shown the formation of Ti metallic ion and WO3 mainly in both coatings. The hardness of coatings shown a slight improvement compared with the substrate. However, for industrial application this property should be increase. The behaviour of COF does not presented improvement. The mass loss and wear rate were high significantly due to the formation of cracks on surface coatings. Scratch analysis, it found three wear mechanics determined by the presence of irregular borders with sharp shadow, semicircle detachment in coatings and coatings detachment in the central track as the load increased.


Multilayer; Optical and tribo-mechanical properties; Sputtering.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31349/RevMexFis.66.496


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