Relativistic treatment of the Hellmann-generalized morse potential

P. O. Okoi, C.O. Edet, T. O. Magu


We present the relativistic treatment of the Hellmann-generalized Morse potential using Nikiforov-Uvarov(NU) method. The relativistic equations(Klein-Gordon and Dirac equation) were solved using the conventional NU method. In order to overcome the centrifugal barrier, we employed the  well-known Greene and Aldrich approximation scheme. The corresponding normalized eigenfunctions was also obtained in each case. It was shown that in the non-relativistic limits, both energy equations obtained by solving Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations, and wavefunctions reduced to the non-relativisitc energy Equation. The bound state energy eigenvalues for N2, CO, NO, CH and HCl diatomic molecules were computed for various vibrational and rotational quantum numbers. It was found that our results agree with those in literature.


Hellmann-generalized Morse potential; Dirac Equation; Klein-Gordon equation; Nikiforov–Uvarov method; Schrodinger equation

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