New Analytical Solutions of Fractional Symmetric Regularized-Long-Wave Equation

Mehmet Senol


In this study, new extended direct algebraic method is successfully implemented to acquire new exact wave solution sets for symmetric regularized-long-wave (SRLW) equation which arise in long water flow models. By the help of Mathematica symbolic calculation package, the method produced a great number of analytical solutions. We also presented a few graphical illustrations for some surfaces. The fractional derivatives are considered in the conformable sense. All of the solutions were checked by substitution to ensure the reliability of the method. Obtained results confirm that the method is straightforward, powerful and effective method to attain exact solutions for nonlinear fractional differential equations. Therefore, the method is a good candidate to take part in the existing literature.


Fractional partial differential equations, Conformable fractional derivative, Symmetric regularized-long-wave (SRLW) equation, New extended direct algebraic method

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