The Wigner-Dunkl-Newton mechanics with time-reversal symmetry

W. Sang Chung, H. Hassanabadi


In this paper we use the Dunkl derivative with respect to time to construct the
Wigner-Dunkl-Newton mechanics with time-reversal symmetry. We deflne the WignerDunkl-Newton velocity and Wigner-Dunkl-Newton acceleration and construct the WignerDunkl-Newton equation of motion. We also discuss the Hamiltonian formalism in the
Wigner-Dunkl-Newton mechanics. We discuss some deformed elementary functions such
as the ”-deformed exponential functions, ”-deformed hyperbolic functions and ”-deformed
trigonometric functions. Using these we solve some problems in on dimensional WignerDunkl-Newton mechanics mechanics.


Dunkl derivative, Wigner-Dunkl-Newton mechanics, time-reversal symmetry.

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