Planar waveguides produced by implanting Si and C ions in rutile

Julián Mejía Morales, Erick Flores-Romero, Rebeca Trejo Luna, Jorge Rickards


Planar waveguides were generated in samples of rutile crystal (TiO2) by bombarding with two types
of ion: silicon and carbon. Rutile is used because of its anisotropic properties, particularly its birefrin-
gence. The guide is generated due to damage caused by the ions in the crystal which change its index of
refraction. Three parameters were used: the implantation ion energy, the implantation
uence, and the
orientation of the crystallographic planes. The refractive index prole of the irradiated sample was cal-
culated and together with the value of the optical barrier the comparison was made between the dierent
waveguides generated.


Optical Waveguides, Ion Implantation, Rutile, Important Optical properties of Crystals, Various Crystal Faces, Ions, Fluences, Two Dierent Ions-Damage, Reduce Fluence With Si Ions.

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