A model for low mass compact objects

G. Estevez Delgado, J. Estevez-Delgado, J. M. Paulin-Fuentes, M. Pineda Duran, N. Montelongo García


A model for low mass compact objects with compactness ratio $u\leq 0.06092997016$ is presented here. Density, pressure and sound speed are regular and monotonic decreasing functions. The change between the central density $\rho_c$ and the density on the surface $\rho_b$ is lower than $3.94\%$ and the maximum change occurs for the biggest compactness, i.e. $\rho_c=1.039350237\rho_b$. This allows us to apply this model for the case of compact stars in which the density variation is very small.
In particular, we can use this model for PSR B0943 + 10, a quark star candidate, with radius $R=2.6{\rm Km}$ and mass $M=0.2 M_\odot$. According to our model it comes out that the density on the surface is $\rho_b=5.388074 \times 10^{17} Kg/m^3$ and its central density $\rho_c=1.007150 \rho_b$ is slightly bigger than the surface density and larger than the nuclear density.


Exact solutions, Perfect fluid, Stars solutions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31349/RevMexFis.65.392


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