Solvation structure of the Chloride Lithium-ion pair at the supercooled state from Hybrid Reverse Monte Carlo simulation combined to neutron scattering

M. Habchi, S. M. Mesli, M. Ziane, M. Kotbi


A detailed analysis of the hydration shells of the 9.26 molal LiCl aqueous solution at the intermediate metastable thermodynamic state between the liquid (300 k) and the glass (120 k). The structural modelling of the LiCl6H2O at the supercooled-liquid state is conducted employing the Hybrid Reverse Monte Carlo (HRMC) simulation in combination with the neutron scattering data. The obtained pair distribution functions and the running coordination number are used as interpretive tools to examine the repartition of the water molecules around ions of lithium and chloride. HRMC represents a powerful tool to get provide detailed information on the hydration shell structures through the obtained pair correlations.


partial and pair distribution functions; RMC simulation; glassy; supercooled liquid and liquid state

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