The role of noisy channels in quantum teleportation

S. Ahadpour, F. Mirmasoudi


In quantum information theory, effects of quantum noise on teleportation are undeniable. Hence,
we investigate the effect of noisy channels including amplitude damping, phase damping, depolarizing and phase ip on the teleported state between Alice and Bob where they share an entangled state by using atom-eld interaction state. We analyze the delity and quantum correlations as a function of decoherence rates and time scale of a state to be teleported. We observe that the average delity
and quantum correlations accurately depend on types of noise acting on quantum channels. It is found that atom-eld interaction states are affected by amplitude damping channel are more useful for teleportation than when the shared qubites are affected by noisy channels such as AD channel and phase ip. We also observe that if the quantum channels is subject to phase ip noise, the average delity reproduces initial quantum correlations to possible values. On the other hand,
not only all the noisy quantum channels do not always destroy average delity but also they can yield the highest delity in noisy conditions. In the current demonstration, our results provide that the average delity can have larger than 2/3 in front of the noise of named other channels with increasing decoherenc strength. Success in quantum states transfer in the present noise establishes the important of studing noisy channels.

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