Information Entropies for H2 and ScF Diatomic Molecules with Deng- Fan-Eckart Potential

P. O. Amadi, A. N. Ikot, U. S. Okorie, G. J. Rampho, Hewa Y Abdullah, B. C. Lütfüoğlu


In this study, the Shannon entropy and the Fisher information is investigated with molecular Deng-Fan-Eckart potential for the diatomic molecules  and ScF in position and momentum spaces in three dimensions for the ground and the excited states. The results were numerically obtained for diatomic molecules. Localization is observed for Shannon entropy and delocalization for Fisher information for both molecules in the position and momentum spaces. The uncertainty relations for the selected diatomic molecules were satisfied accordingly.



Information entropies, Shannon entropy, Fisher information, Deng-Fan-Eckart potential, Uncertainty relations

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