Characterization of the internal state of NV center in diamond and second quantization formalism

C. I. Huerta Pérez, E. Urrutia Bañuelos, M. R. Pedroza Montero, R. Riera


In this paper a general study of NV center internal state in diamond is presented. This study is based on experimental and theoretical findings
found in literature. First, a Hamiltonian model for center NV internal state is proposed in terms of a complete set of commuting observables
(CSCO), which consist of angular momentum ^L
, spin momentum ^ S, total angular momentum ^ J = ^L
+ ^ S and spin momentum on z-direction
^ Sz. The second quantization formalism –in steady-state (conservative model)– is used. The creation and annihilation operators are used to
described the steady spin-levels structure and in dynamic-state (non-conservative model) and can also describe the system dynamic between
different spin-levels transitions. Finally, a discussion is presented about the application of this study in the photochromism phenomenon and
solid-state quantum bit (qubit).


NV Center, Defect, Photochromism, Qubit.

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