Little group generators for Dirac neutrino one-particle states

R. Romero


Assuming neutrinos to be of the Dirac type, the little group generators for the one-particle states, created off the vacuum by the field operator, are obtained, both in terms of the one-particle states themselves and in terms of creation/annihilation operators. It is shown that these generators act also as rotation operators in the Hilbert space of the states, providing three types of transformations: a helicity flip, the standard charge conjugation, and a combination of the two, up to phases. The transformations’ properties are provided in detail and their physical implications discussed. It is also shown that one of the transformations continues to hold for chiral fields without mixing them. It is argued that these results provide support for the Majorana nature of massive neutrinos.


Neutrinos; little group; one-particle states; Majorana

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