3D Monte Carlo analysis on photons step through turbid medium by Mie scattering

E. E. Perez Mayesffer, E. Reynoso Lara, W. F. Guerrero Sanchez, G. Rodríguez Zurita QPD, J. Dávila Pintle, Y. E. Bravo-García


Photon Scattering Profiles in a turbid media were investigated through numerical simulation based on Monte Carlo-Mie method, at this present work. Using Wolfram Mathematics in the program algorithm. Photon Scattering was treated using electromagnetic spherical harmonics waves, in three-dimensional scattering. The proposal, as an alternative to the Henyey-Greensein phase approximation, was defining an unit vector that represents a phase distribution, as an equivalent function with three vector components, within the turbid media. Associating the step component, as projection using Legendre polynomials and for the transverse plane components were defining as vector bases in terms of Legendre-Hankel functions, according to Gustav Mie theory. This composite vector was defined as a step function and was evaluated within Monte Carlo algorithm, obtaining simulations of light scattering. Backscatter profiles were compared for different geometric dimensions of the spherical particles within the turbid media, including a validation of the model with an experimental Lidar signal from low clouds, obtaining physical properties of the turbid media by the proposed theoretical model.


Photon Scattering, turbid media, Monte Carlo-Mie Method, Spherical harmonics.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31349/RevMexFis.67.292


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