Green function for the Grad-Shafranov operator


  • Julio Herrera Velázquez Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares UNAM



Magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium, Grad-Shafranov equation, tokamaks, magnetostatics


The Grad-Shafranov equation, often written in cylindrical coordinates, is an elliptic partial differential equation in two dimensions. It describes magnetohydrodynamic equilibria in axisymmetric toroidal plasmas, such as tokamaks, and yields the poloidal magnetic flux function, which is related to the azimuthal component of the vector potential for the magnetic field produced by a circular (toroidal) current density. The Green function for the differential operator can be obtained from the vector potential for the magnetic field of a circular current loop, which is a typical problem in magnetostatics. The purpose of the paper is to collect results scattered in electrodynamics and plasma physics textbooks for the benefit of students in the field, as well as attracting the attention of a wider audience, in the context of electrodynamics and partial differential equations.


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