Temperature Sensor Using Fiber Ring Laser Based On a Core-Offset Mach-Zehnder Interferometer


  • Marco Antonio Contreras Universidad de Guanajuato




temperature sensor, Fiber óptics, Láser, Mach-Zehnder


The development of fiber optic sensors receives special interest since they can be used in multiple applications. As a result, fiber optic laser-sensor schemes had emerged as a reliable device, due to its characteristics such as: high power, low threshold, and high stability. In this work, it is proposed a fiber laser-sensor based on a ring cavity configuration.  The cavity is operated by a core-offset Mach-Zehnder interferometer, which is used as a wave selection filter and temperature detection device. Here, the proposed fiber laser-sensor exhibits sensing properties such as sensitivity of 0.03119 pm/°C , dynamic range of 90ºC and a signal to noise ratio of 52 dB


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