Transversity and Λ polarization in semi-inclusive DIS




Transversity, quantum-chromodynamics, lambda hyperon, SIDIS, COMPASS


Several possible experimental channels have been proposed in the past to access the chiral-odd transversity distribution functions h1. Among these, the measurements of target-transverse-spin asymmetries in single-hadron and hadron-pair production in Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering (SIDIS) gave clear evidence that transversity is measurable and sizable in the valence region. A third, independent channel is the measurement of the polarization of Λ hyperons produced in SIDIS off transversely polarized nucleons, where the transverse polarization of the struck quark might be transferred to the final-state hyperon. The COMPASS Collaboration at CERN has measured the transversityinduced polarization of Λ and Λ¯ hyperons produced in SIDIS off transversely polarized protons, found compatible with zero. The results are shown here and discussed in the context of different models and approximations


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