High precision Kaonic Deuterium measurement at the DAΦNE collider: the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment and the SIDDHARTINO run


  • Marco Miliucci
  • Massimiliano Bazzi
  • Damir Bosnar
  • Mario Bragadireanu
  • Marco Carminati
  • Michael Cargnelli
  • Alberto Clozza
  • Catalina Curceanu
  • Griseld Deda
  • Luca De Paolis
  • Raffaele Del Grande
  • Carlo Fiorini
  • Carlo Guaraldo
  • Mihail Iliescu
  • Masahiko Iwasaki
  • Pietro King
  • Paolo Levi Sandri
  • Johann Marton
  • Paweł Moskal
  • Fabrizio Napolitano
  • Szymon Nied´zwiecki
  • Kristian Piscicchia
  • Alessandro Scordo
  • Francesco Sgaramella
  • Hexi Shi
  • Michał Silarski
  • Diana Sirghi
  • Florin Sirghi
  • Magdalena Skurzok
  • Antonio Spallone
  • Marlene T¨uchler
  • Oton Vazquez Doce
  • Johann Zmeskal




Mesonic, hyperonic and antiprotonic atoms and molecules, X- and Γ-ray spectroscopy, Radiation Detectors, Solid-state Detectors, Kaonic atoms, SIDDHARTA-2


The kaonic deuterium 2p→1s transition X-ray measurement, a fundamental information needed for a deeper understanding of the Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD) in the strangeness sector, is still missing. The SIDDHARTA-2 collaboration is now ready to achieve this unprecedented result thanks to the dedicated experimental apparatus that will allow to obtain the values of the kaonic deuterium K-transitions with a precision comparable to the most precise kaonic hydrogen measurement to-date performed by SIDDHARTA in 2009. Both the kaonic hydrogen and kaonic deuterium X-ray spectroscopy measurements of the de-excitation towards the fundamental level are a direct probe on KN interaction at threshold, as opposed to the scattering experiments which need an extrapolation to zero energy. Combining these results through the Deser-Truemann like formula, the isospin-dependent kaon-nucleon scattering lengths can be obtained in a model-independent way. The SIDDHARTA-2 setup is presently installed at the DAΦNE (Double Annular Φ Factory for Nice Experiments) collider of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare – Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati and it is ready to perform the challening kaonic deuterium measurement. This
paper provides an overview on the SIDDHARTA-2 experimental apparatus and a preliminary result of the kaonic helium run, preparatory for the SIDDHARTA-2 data taking campaign, is also presented.


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Miliucci M, Bazzi M, Bosnar D, Bragadireanu M, Carminati M, Cargnelli M, Clozza A, Curceanu C, Deda G, De Paolis L, Del Grande R, Fiorini C, Guaraldo C, Iliescu M, Iwasaki M, King P, Levi Sandri P, Marton J, Moskal P, Napolitano F, Nied´zwiecki S, Piscicchia K, Scordo A, Sgaramella F, Shi H, Silarski M, Sirghi D, Sirghi F, Skurzok M, Spallone A, T¨uchler M, Vazquez Doce O, Zmeskal J. High precision Kaonic Deuterium measurement at the DAΦNE collider: the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment and the SIDDHARTINO run. Supl. Rev. Mex. Fis. [Internet]. 2022 May 19 [cited 2024 May 22];3(3):0308081 1-4. Available from: https://rmf.smf.mx/ojs/index.php/rmf-s/article/view/6115