One loop mechanism for neutrinoless double beta hyperon decay


  • Gerardo Hernández Tomé Instituto de Física UNAM



Neutrinos, hyperons, lepton number violation


Motivated by the large dataset to be accumulated of hyperon pairs produced in decays of $\mathcal{O}(10^{10})$ $J/\psi$ and $\psi^\prime$ charmonia states in the BES-III collaboration, we revisited the predictions of $\Delta L=2$ decays of hyperons $B^-_i\to B^+_f\ell^-\ell'^-$ in the one-loop model mechanism involving Majorana neutrinos previously presented in \cite{Barbero:2002wm}. Unlike the previous work, by modeling the momentum transfer dependence of the hyperon form factors in the computation we provide finite results for the loop integration. Furthermore, since we keep finite masses for the neutrinos throughout the calculations, we are able to consider the effects of heavy Majorana neutrinos. Thus, our results are applied to a simple model that involves two Majorana heavy neutrinos in the framework of a low-scale seesaw model. In order to provide and compare additional predictions, we study an alternative model where $\Delta L=2$ decays are induced by the short-range effects of a scalar boson coupled to di-leptons.


i. The study of ∆L = 2 processes in decays of tau leptons [5–10, 10–12], pseudoscalar mesons [13–29], and Λb baryons [30–33] is mainly motivated by the resonant effect produced by an intermediate Majorana neutrino and their study in flavorfactories experiments.

ii. In order to avoid lengthy expressions, we omit here the expressions of the relevant C nj vr form factors in terms of PassarinoVeltman functions for the monopolar approximation. These expressions can be found in [3]. The one loop integration have been performed using the package Package-X [54] and evaluated numerically with Collier [55].

iii. The behavior of the total axial Cη ar form factors is very similar to the vector Cη vr ones. Our numerical results include all the

factors, although for r = 1, 2, A they are sub-dominant.

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