Kaon and nucleon states with hidden charm


  • Brenda Malabarba Universidade de São Paulo
  • Alberto Martínez Torres
  • Kanchan Khemchandani
  • Xiu-Lei Ren
  • Li-Sheng Geng




Exotic States, Heavy-Quark Symmetry, Hidden Charm States


In this talk we discuss the formation of exotic hadrons with hidden charm arising from three-body interactions. To be more specific, in the strangeness sector, we predict the existence of a mesonic state, $K^*(4307)$, which is dynamically generated from the three-body interactions of the $KD\bar D^*$ system, has a mass around 4307 MeV and quantum numbers $I(J^P) = 1/2 (1^-)$. In the baryonic sector, we predict the existence of $N^*$ states, which are generated from the three-body interactions of the $ND\bar D^*$ system, with masses around 4400∼4600 MeV, widths of 2 ∼20 MeV and positive parity.


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