Quarkonium in a bulk viscous QGP medium


  • Lata Thakur Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
  • Yuji Hirono Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics
  • Najmul Haque NISER




Quark-gluon plasma, heavy quarkonia, bulk viscosity


The non-equilibrium properties of a quark-gluon plasma (QGP) have been a topic of intensive research. In this contribution, we explore the nature of heavy quarkonia immersed in a QGP with bulk viscosity.  We incorporate the bulk viscous effect through the deformation of the distribution functions of thermal quarks and gluons, with which the color dielectric permittivity can be computed.  We use the color dielectric permittivity to compute the heavy quark potential inside a bulk viscous plasma, and solve the Schr\"odinger equation using the potential to obtain the physical properties such as binding energies and decay widths. We discuss the effect of the bulk viscous correction on the quarkonium properties and the melting temperatures.


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