Highlights of pion and kaon structure from continuum analyses


  • Khépani Raya Universidad de Granada
  • José Rodríguez-Quintero University of Huelva




Nambu-Goldstone bosons, generalized parton distributions, continuum Schwinger methods


One of the biggest challenges in contemporary physics is understanding the origin and dynamics of the internal structure of hadrons which, at a fundamental level, is described by quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Taking great prominence amongst hadrons are pions and kaons which, despite being the lightest hadrons in nature, their very existence is intimately connected to those mechanisms responsible for almost all of the mass of the visible matter. In this manuscript we discuss many aspects of the pion and kaon structure via light front wave functions and generalized parton distributions, and a collection of other distributions and structural properties that are inferred therefrom.


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L. Albino, I. M. Higuera, A. Bashir, and K. Raya. Work under development and I. M. Higuera’s contribution to this volume.




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