Photo- and hadron-production of mesons


  • Łukasz Bibrzycki Pedagogical University of Krakow



hadron spectroscopy, Regge exchange, photoproduction, resonances


We discuss the πη(‘) production in the double Regge model. We also identify the dominant exchanges necessary to describe the πη(‘) system for energies above the resonance region. The model explains the forward-backward asymmetry observed in this reaction by associating it with the exotic P−wave, which in turn is related to the production of the putative π1 hybrid meson. We also discuss the π +π − production through two complementary mechanisms - direct resonance production (with subsequent π +π − decay) and the Deck mechanism. The interference of the Deck and direct production explains the di-pion mass distribution for invariant masses below 2 GeV. Model predictions are compatible with the qq¯ nature of the lightest P− and D−wave resonances, whereas they hint towards substantial molecular or tetraquark component of the f0(980).


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