Unraveling light nuclei with deeply virtual Compton scattering processes: from models to event generation


  • Sara Fucini IJCLab
  • Raphaël Dupré




Nuclear Compton scattering, nuclear structure, Monte Carlo event generator


In this talk, we present the analysis of a deeply virtual Compton scattering process off 4 He. This study is done within the impulse approximation approach including state-of-the-art models for the nucleonic and nuclear ingredients. A glimpse on the comparison between our results and the experimental data coming form Jefferson Lab is also given. The last part of this work is devoted to the description of the new Monte Carlo event generator based on the models presented in the main part of the talk. First results from the simulations performed at the kinematic conditions foreseen at the Electron Ion Collider are discussed demonstrating that there is a wide enough kinematical range to reach the tomography of 4 He and understand other possible aspects of the elusive nuclear parton dynamics.


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