Exploring and exploiting various regimes within the jet shower


  • Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli Yale University




jet substructure, formation time, non-perturbative QCD, hadronization


The last few years have seen community-wide excitement in the study of jet substructure derived from the inner workings of clustering algorithms. Such efforts have resulted in the design of new observables which are related to partonic processes from final state hadrons. Since jets are multi-scale objects, they necessarily encode information about both the perturbative (pQCD) parton shower and non-perturbative (npQCD) physics including hadronization. Recent high precision measurements of jet substructure in proton-proton (pp) collisions have pushed the theoretical community into extending their predictions to higher orders resulting in the observation of large theoretical uncertainties from the non-perturbative regime of the calculations. We emphasize the importance of understanding a jet shower from a multidimensional point of view and highlight a recent measurement focused on distinguishing the pQCD vs. npQCD regimes within a jet shower. We introduce and discuss the utility of the formation time evaluated at varying stages of the jet shower in pp collisions. Finally, we present a monte-carlo study of the formation time of charged particles within the jet to gain a handle on hadronization mechanisms including stringbreaking, and outline a path forward for such observables in heavy ion collisions.


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