Heavy Flavor Physics at the EIC with the ECCE detector


  • Xuan Li Los Alamos National Laboratory




Electron-Ion Collider, Heavy Flavor, Quarkonia, Parton Fragmentation, Hadronization


The proposed Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) will operate high-energy high-luminosity electron+proton and electron+nucleus collisions to solve several unresolved fundamental questions. Due to their large masses (mc,b > ΛQCD), heavy quarks and their hadron products are ideal probes to study the nucleon/nuclear parton distribution functions in the high Bjorken-x (xBJ > 0.1) region and explore the hadronization process within the unconstrained kinematic region. Recently, the Electron-Ion Collider Comprehensive Chromodynamics Experiment (ECCE) consortium detector conceptual design has been selected as the reference design for the EIC project detector. The precise momentum and spatial resolutions provided by the ECCE tracking detector enable a series of open heavy flavor and quarkonia measurements. The physics projections of these proposed heavy flavor measurements in simulation studies using the ECCE detector design will be presented.


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