QCD phase diagram in the presence of electric and magnetic fields


  • Aftab Ahmad Institute of Physics,Gomal University




Schwinger Dysons Eqautions; chiral symmetry breaking; confinement; electric and magnetic fields; QCD phase diagram


In this contribution, We revisit the effect of electric eE and magnetic field eB and on the critical temperature T χ,C c of the chiral symmetry breaking/restoration and confinement/deconfinement phase transition in the QCD Phase diagram. In this context, we use the symmetrypreserving vector-vector contact interaction model of quarks, in the Schwinger-Dyson equations framework and in the proper time regularization scheme. We also describe the phenomenon of inverse electric catalysis in the pure electric case, magnetic catalysis (and inverse magnetic catalysis) in the pure magnetic case and inverse electromagnetic catalysis in the presence of both electric and magnetic background fields.


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