Lambda-shiftings for the secondary sources in the Young's experiment allow to rebuild patterns look like piston/tilt


  • J. Salinas-Luna Universidad del Mar
  • J. Mentado Morales Universidad del Mar
  • J. M. Nuñez-Alfonso Universidad Nacional Autóma de México



Young experiment, piston, tilt, phase measurement, interference


In this work, we perform the mathematical theory used by Born and Wolf to rebuild a geometric characterization for piston and tilt or a combination of both surface errors by shifting the secondary sources in the classical Young's experiment. The last is accomplished making a comparison between the generated patterns of classical Young' experiment and Young's patterns when the secondary sources are shifted axially of the order of $\lambda$. Images with effects looks like to surface errors by piston or tilt are obtained and this give us a good idea on how could be the co-phasing of an optical flat surface in a real experiment.


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J. Salinas-Luna, J. Mentado Morales, and J. M. Nuñez-Alfonso, “Lambda-shiftings for the secondary sources in the Young’s experiment allow to rebuild patterns look like piston/tilt”, Rev. Mex. Fis. E, vol. 20, no. 1 Jan-Jun, pp. 010207 1–, Jan. 2023.