Fermionic DIS from a deformed string/gauge correspondence model


  • Eduardo Capossoli Colégio Pedro II
  • Miguel Angel Martín Contreras
  • Danning Li
  • Alfredo Vega
  • Henrique Boschi-Filho




Deformed string/gauge correspondence, Fermions, Deep inelastic scattering, Structure Functions


From a deformed AdS5 space, we used the string/gauge duality to study the deep inelastic scattering for unpolarized fermions with spin 1/2, considering the large Bjorken x parameter regime. Here, we also took into account an anomalous dimension of an operator which represents fermions at the boundary. From this analysis, we compute the corresponding structure functions, which are dependent on $x$ and on the photon virtuality q. The results achieved are in agreement with the experimental data.


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