Systematic treatment of hypernuclear data and application to the hypertriton


  • Philipp Eckert JGU Mainz
  • P. Achenbach Johannes Gutenberg University
  • M. Aragonès Fontboté Johannes Gutenberg University
  • T. Akiyama Tohoku University
  • M. O. Distler Johannes Gutenberg University
  • A. Esser Johannes Gutenberg University
  • J. Geratz Johannes Gutenberg University
  • M. Hoek Johannes Gutenberg University
  • K. Itabashi Tohoku University
  • M. Kaneta Tohoku University
  • R. Kino Tohoku University
  • P. Klag Johannes Gutenberg University
  • H. Merkel Johannes Gutenberg University
  • M. Mizuno Tohoku University
  • J. Müller Johannes Gutenberg University
  • U. Müller Johannes Gutenberg University
  • S. Nagao Tohoku University
  • S. N. Nakamura Tohoku University
  • Y. R. Nakamura Tohoku University
  • K. Okuyama Tohoku University
  • J. Pochodzalla Johannes Gutenberg University
  • B. S. Schlimme Johannes Gutenberg University
  • C. Sfienti Johannes Gutenberg University
  • R. Spreckels Johannes Gutenberg University
  • M. Steinen Johannes Gutenberg University
  • K. Tachibana Tohoku University
  • M. Thiel Johannes Gutenberg University
  • Y. Toyama Tohoku University
  • K. Uehara Tohoku University



Hypernuclei, Hypertriton, Binding energies and masses, Lifetimes, Nuclear data compilation


A database is under construction to provide a complete collection of published basic properties of hypernuclei such as Λ binding energies, lifetimes, or excitation energies. From these values, averages with related errors are computed in a systematic way. For each property, the overall experimental situation is depicted in form of an ideogram showing the combined probability density function of the measurements. The database is accessible via a dynamic website at with an user interface offering customizable visualizations, selections, or unit conversions. The capabilities of the database are demonstrated for the puzzling and disputed data situation of the hypertriton.


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