The effect of hidden-charm strange pentaquarks Pcs on the K− p → J/ψ Λ reaction


  • Samson Clymton Inha University
  • Hee-Jin Kim
  • Hyun-Chul Kim



Pentaquarks, K−p reaction, Regge approach


We present a recent investigation on the production of Pcs (4459) in the K pJ/ψΛ reaction, using both the effective Lagrangian and Regge approaches. We assume six different spin and parity assignments, i.e., 1/2± , 3/2± and 5/2± to the newly found Pcs. The total and differential cross sections for the K pJ/ψΛ reaction are calculated. We examine the dependence of the results on the different assignments of JP for Pcs.


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