The decay of N∗ (1895) to light hyperon resonances


  • Kanchan Pradeepkumar Khemchandani Universidade Federal de São Paulo
  • A. Martínez Torres Universidade de Sao Paulo
  • S.-H. Kim Pukyong National University
  • S.-il Nam Pukyong National University
  • H. Nagahiro Nara Women’s University
  • A. Hosaka Osaka University



Nucleon resonances, hyperons, decay process


In this talk I review the findings of our recent works where we have studied the decay of N ∗ (1895) and the implications of such properties on the photoproduction of light hyperons. I discuss that meson-baryon interactions play an essential role in describing the nature of N ∗ (1895) and report the details of our investigation of its decays to different meson-baryon systems and to final states involving Λ(1405) and a proposed Σ(1400). We find that the width of N ∗ (1895) gets important contributions from the decay to light hyperon resonances. Such an information can be used to look for alternative processes to study N ∗ (1895) in experimental data.


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