The top quark chromomagnetic dipole moment in the SM




Quantum chromodynamics, Electric and magnetic moments, Top quark, Gluons


We present our results on the top quark chromomagnetic dipole moment, which is based on the 5-dimension effective Lagrangian operator that characterizes the chromodipolar vertex functions gtt and ggtt. The chromomagnetic dipole mu_t is derived via quantum fluctuation at the 1-loop level. We evaluate µˆt(s) as a function of the energy scale s=+-E2, for E=[10,1000] GeV. In particular we focus on the conventional high-energy scale E=mZ, analogously as with alphas(mZ2) and sW(mZ2). The spacelike evaluation matches quite well with the experimental central value, while the timelike case deviates from it.


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