Dear Colleagues:

I would like to announce that, starting with Volume 67, Issue No. 4, as of May 26, 2021, Revista Mexicana de Física will be publishing electronically, one article at a time.

In order to maintain the sequencing within each section, articles are now identified by volume number and a six-digit article number (instead of volume and page number), for example, Rev. Mex. Fis. (Vol.) XXYYZZ (yyyy) where XX corresponds to the issue, YY to the section, ZZ to the location of the article within the section in increasing article number order and yyyy to the year. This format allows articles to be citable as soon as they are published electronically, while maintaining the same identifier for both the electronic and print version.

The articles are listed in the Table of Contents and appear according to increasing article number and can be located in the usual manner. Note that pages are numbered consecutively within each article, for example: XXYYZZ-1, XXYYZZ-2,...; however, the hyphen and additional digits should not be used when citing or searching for the article. This numbering makes it easy the placement to article-at-a-time publishing while maintaining the familiar delineations of volume, issue, and subject.

The sections are:

01 Reviews
02 Letters
03 Advanced Light Sources
04 Atomic and Molecular Physics
05 Condensed Matter
06 Fluid Dynamics
07 Gravitation, Mathematical Physics and Field Theory
08 High Energy Physics
09 Instrumentation
10 Material Sciences
11 Medical Physics
12 Nuclear Physics
13 Optics
14 Other areas in Physics
15 Plasma Physics
16 Solid State Physics
17 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
24 Errata

Articles for the Volume being formed will appear in the tab “Advanced Next Issue”.

Thank you for your continuous interest in our work.


Prof. Alejandro Ayala
Chief Editor
Revista Mexicana de Física